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By Allegra Clawson

Marketers large and small share one common challenge: understanding the return on their investment, according to George Kummer, vice president, center operations of Clawson-based Allegra Marketing, Print, Mail.

“Capturing marketing campaign metrics and using them to either continue a campaign that’s working or adjust when things are not, happens to be where many marketers and business owners fall short,” says Kummer.

As a result, Allegra is introducing DirectCONNECT™, a comprehensive service that integrates direct mail and telephone response tracking with online advertising follow-up. All campaign analytics are captured in one online dashboard for real-time reporting.

“Every DirectCONNECT mail piece includes a mail barcode to track when the campaign hits the market, a unique phone number to track and record calls generated from the mailer; and a website address for online response,” explains Kummer. “Each mailer also refers recipients to your website or campaign-specific landing page where a tracking code has been added. When people view your site or page and move on to others on the Google Display Network, the code will automatically trigger online ads that look like your mailer, giving you added opportunities to drive home your message.”

According to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2015 Response Rate Report, nearly 6 out of 10 (57%) retailers choose direct mail as part of their marketing strategy. Additional research reports that 74% of consumers always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail, and 81% read their mail the same day they receive it.

In addition to mail management and direct mail creative services, Allegra is a full-service marketing communications provider offering a variety of marketing, branding, communications and management solutions.

Located at 1302 Anderson Road, Allegra is independently-owned and operated and is a member of Alliance Franchise Brands network, a world leader in marketing, graphics and visual communications, linking nearly 600 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information, contact Allegra in Clawson at (248) 655-0444, or visit the company’s website at

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